We are a premium provider of multi-screen advertising, taking video and display distribution to the next power.

Mass2 eliminates the barriers to engaged audiences. We quickly access a massive amount of high-quality inventory on our owned and operated local news and partner publisher sites, delivering astronomical reach for top brands, agencies and network demand partners. Activating within hours, not days. At the right time and on the right platform.

Speed. Scale. Expertise.

All to the next power.

The Mass2 Philosophy

Mass2 is committed to delivering industry-leading, high-quality inventory at an efficient price.

  • Mass Speed

    Our direct access to proprietary inventory enables us to deliver quick turnarounds others cannot. Most campaign activations go live in less than two hours.

  • Mass Scale

    Our infrastructure allows us to quickly scale more than 25 million impression opportunities a day. Our owned and operated publishing network provides unique access and reach.

  • Mass Expertise

    Stemming from an established media brand, we combine decades of experience with new programmatic modeling to deliver unmatched quality.

  • Activate with massive scale.

    Our proprietary infrastructure is actively connected to multiple inventory sources – most uniquely, our own network of local broadcast stations and digital publishers.

  • Local Sites

    Our parent company Nexstar Media Group owns and operates 171 local broadcast properties with dynamic digital sites and 202 mobile apps to distribute your ads.KXAN

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  • Partner Publishers

    We work with the nation’s top influencers to distribute branded messaging on their sites. Do you own a blog or website? Let’s do something massive together.ProjectNursery

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Average Monthly Impressions

  • 250

    Million Desktop
    Display Impressions

  • 200

    Million Mobile
    Display Impressions

  • 100

    Million Desktop
    Video Impressions

  • 100

    Million Mobile
    Video Impressions


We uniquely create activations based on client goals, distribution sizes and campaign timelines, starting from a data-backed foundation. Our product lineup spans across device types and ad sizes.


  • Desktop Video

    We deliver your messaging through various desktop video placements including pre-roll, native and high-impact display. Engagement metrics such as in-view impressions, completion rate and exposure time are tracked and reported.

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  • Mobile Video

    Our video products are responsive to mobile-device web browsing. We also deliver video through mobile apps and our owned network of local news sites and branded apps, reaching audiences that are highly engaged.

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  • CTV + Advanced TV

    Launch premium video campaigns across set-top boxes, connected TV apps and video streaming sites. Brands can target set-top box CTV apps only or a blend of STB CTV apps and streaming video.

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  • Display Media

    Distribute ads across all devices through various placements including direct site placements, native and high-impact.

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Quality Control

Our partnerships with leading ad-quality monitoring systems ensure your activations are reaching the intended human audiences. We are directly integrated with MOAT, our partner in viewability and verification.



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