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Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

05/3/2017 | Brittany Ziemba

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, there are 28 million small businesses in America that account for 54% of all consumer sales. The emergence of small businesses and startups has grown in the wake of corporate downsizing with big businesses eliminating about 4 million jobs since 1990, and small businesses adding 8 million new positions....

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WTH is an SSP?: Acronyms in Ad Tech

04/5/2017 | Brittany Ziemba

What the heck is an supply side platform? In a world full of acronyms, it can be difficult to keep up with the exceptionally quick wpm typing speed of millennials. But it's not all words they're typing. With the dawn of text messaging and widespread ownership of portable smart devices, shortcuts are commonly used. An entire conversation can take place with just a few letters....

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Audience Segmentation for Effective Advertising

03/3/2017 | Brittany Ziemba

You did it! You wrote the script, fine-tuned the message, designed the collateral and are finally ready to showcase your brand. But before you waste ad dollars by blindly firing your message all over the internet, you need to define your audience and spend money only where it makes sense. From 2015 to 2020, digital advertising spend is...

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Choosing the Best Colors for your Brand

02/3/2017 | Brittany Ziemba

You’re ready to advertise your brand. You’ve invested in your marketing and are serious about getting results. But did you ever consider how your brand’s colors will impact and be interpreted by your target customers? According to the Institute for Color Research (CCICOLOR), “the average person make...

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Why Advertisers are Capitalizing on Persistent Placement

09/6/2016 | Brittany Ziemba

As the rest of the country is scouring for notebooks and colored pencils, September in the city means only one thing for New Yorkers: Fashion Week. Since the beginning of the month, our Instagram feeds have been flooded with models wearing backless loafers covered in horse hair, adorning their acces...

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NBC Takes the Gold in 2016 Olympics Advertising Sales

08/3/2016 | Christina Fisher

It’s officially Olympics season and spectators are preparing to chant “USA!” and exude country pride. Whether you’re a fan of gymnastic, swimming, or beach volleyball, odds are you will be tuning in at some point during the next few weeks to catch some of the action. Also ramping up for the big even...

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Don't Let Digital be a Pain in the Ads

08/1/2016 | Francesca Jacobus

As the entrepreneur behind a small business, you’re known for your hard work and determination. Your company is your pride and joy and you want the world to know about all that you’ve created. How do you get your name out to the public and increase your reach?...

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Talk Tech with Yashi at Montclair State University

06/14/2016 | Christina Fisher

Do you want to increase your company’s efficiency with agile development? Lean methodology can help you do that effectively for less. Lean methodology helps maximize customer value with fewer resources. All types of businesses, from healthcare to government, can benefit from lean. According to lean...

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How to Optimize Video Ad Length for Your Audience

05/18/2016 | Mike Maccione

Due to an overwhelming amount of content readily available for consumption, audiences are more selective than ever before with ads they choose to watch. As a result, attention spans across the board are rapidly reducing. Microsoft Corp conducted a study that explained on average, most people lose co...

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How Well Do You Know Your Audience?

05/17/2016 | Rachael Heim

The power of programmatic advertising is that advertisers can precisely target their ideal audience at the right place and at the right time. While this technology is a huge asset to the advertising world, the biggest oversight some brands tend make when running online campaigns is the simple mistak...

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