You did it! You wrote the script, fine-tuned the message, designed the collateral and are finally ready to showcase your brand. But before you waste ad dollars by blindly firing your message all over the internet, you need to define your audience and spend money only where it makes sense. From 2015 to 2020, digital advertising spend is forecasted to reach $72.09 billion. But what fraction of that money will actually generate a response and reach the appropriate audience?

Contextual vs. Demographic

With contextually targeted advertising, you select the websites and media that your message will appear on. Contextual works in many cases because advertisers may already know their fashion brand sees a positive response on, for example.

Demographic targeting used in programmatic advertising sets parameters used in segmenting the target audience into predetermined groups. Yashi is partnered with over a dozen premium data providers, allowing us to get very granular with our targeting features.  Demographic targeting includes basic information such as household income, gender, and age but can also get as precise as identifying a single father in his 40s who lives in New Jersey and packs organic fruit snacks in his children’s school lunch. Sounds a little creepy but don’t worry, we don’t know who you are, we just know your device’s IP address!

Develop a Customer Profile

Advertisers lose a significant amount of views by misjudging their audience. Odds are, your neighborhood plumber isn’t interested in nail art trends straight from the runway. So don’t waste your ad dollars on him; only market your nail polish to the fashion-forward beauty lovers that fit your demographic. To do this, you’ll need to do some research to better define your target audience. Some helpful preliminary questions from TopNonProfits include:

    • What is the desired action of your target audience?
    • What demographic groups are most likely to take the desired action?
    • How do they think?
    • How does your idea, service, or product help your target audience?
    • What drives them to make purchasing decisions?
    • What media do they currently use?

Your brand may be relevant to multiple audiences, but developing a message that appeals to the target is what makes the campaign successful. 

The Yashi Advantage

Yashi uses location and behavior to serve ads where they matter most. With our platform, advertisers can run A/B tests using multiple targeting methods to see where their ads are best received.  For example, 40% of the campaign may be allotted to females, 40% to males, 10% to mobile devices only, and the remainder devoted to contextually relevant placement; wherein different creatives are associated to their respective audience. Yashi’s platform provides extremely detailed reporting, so not only will you be able to determine which orderlines performed better, but you’ll see the engagement rates and impressions down to domain level.

Trust us, we’re experts in programmatic video advertising. Contact one of our account executives to learn more about our unique targeting features and how we can enhance your digital advertising.